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Increase Productivity, Muara Enim Prison Optimizes Land for Plantations and Fisheries

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Muara Enim – In order to increase the productivity of work activities, Muara Enim Prison optimizes existing land into plantation and fisheries land Friday ( 02/09 )

The land use is monitored regularly, both by the work activities subsection and by all employees who carry out brandgang control every week.

Currently, in the branggang area, 2 freshwater fish ponds have been made, namely catfish, tilapia, and carp.

Next to the fish pond, various plantation crops such as Papaya, Mustard, Sweet Potato, Banana and so on are also planted.

Head of Head of Muara Enim Herdianto said “This utilization has a positive impact in addition to managing the brandgang area to be cleaner and neater, it also makes the brandgang land a productive land and is able to become a practice area for the Correctional Inmates in undergoing self-reliance development”

He also revealed that the output of plantation and agricultural activities can be used as income which is then reused for the development of existing plantations and fisheries

In addition, the Head of Subsidy, Giatja Zulaiwan, explained that this activity was not merely to improve WBP’s ability to cultivate crops. But it can also be a medium for the inmates to become independent and productive individuals

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