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Supporting Clean Energy Transition, PLN Submits Renewable Energy Certificates for 5 Presidential Palaces


Supporting Clean Energy Transition, PLN Submits Renewable Energy Certificates for 5 Presidential Palaces

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Jakarta, Intense PT PLN (Persero) handed over a new renewable energy certificate or _Renewable Energy Certificate_ (REC) to support the use of environmentally friendly electricity at 5 Presidential Palaces namely Merdeka Palace Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Cipanas, and Tampaksiring . The submission of this REC is also a sign that the Presidential Secretariat (Setpres) is the first government agency to utilize PLN’s REC. Tuesday 6 September 2022

PLN President Director Darmawan Prasodjo said this was clear evidence that PLN and the Presidential Secretariat had moved to realize the clean energy transition, in accordance with President Joko Widodo’s direction.

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“The state palace is one of the vanguard to be a part of climate change. This is an extraordinary example, so I hope that the Palace’s steps can be followed by other institutions,” he said.

Darmawan explained that through this REC, it means that the State Palace is currently powered by clean energy-based electricity. As a manifestation of the commitment of the Indonesian government in achieving the _Net Zero Emission_ target in 2060.

Darmawan explained that the source of clean energy used in REC in the five Presidential Palaces comes from the Kamojang Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) with a generating capacity of 140 megawatts (MW). PLN also has other clean energy sources, namely PLTP Lahendong 80 MW and PLTA Bakaru 130 MW. So the total electricity production is around 2.5 million MWh per year which is equivalent to 2.5 million REC units.

Meanwhile, the REC cooperation for the five Presidential Palaces has a capacity of 12,800 MWh per year which for two years is equivalent to 24,360 REC units. This means that there is still a lot of potential for REC that can be collaborated with various parties.

Darmawan hopes that this collaboration can become a role model for all government institutions in Indonesia to utilize electricity sourced from new and renewable energy.

“The success of the energy transition is not only determined by PLN. But the support from all domestic powers, including those that have been encouraged by Mr. Kasetpres here through the use of EBT-based electricity products,” he said.

Head of the Presidential Secretariat Heru Budi Hartono said the purchase of REC for the Presidential Palace means government support to encourage the use of clean electricity. Heru assessed that this collaboration could encourage other government agencies to use PLN’s REC.

“This is one of our supports in the energy transition. The hope is that when the Palace uses this step, other institutions and ministries can follow suit, so that we can together fight the fast-moving condition of climate change,” said Heru.

PLN noted that it had provided REC for electricity equivalent to 620,378 megawatt hour (MWh) until July 2022. This figure increased from the realization at the end of 2021 which reached 308,201 MWh. Currently REC has been utilized by 186 industrial and business customers.

REC is an instrument that represents the renewable attributes of each MWh of electricity produced by renewable energy plants. One REC unit represents one MWh.

“In the past, companies had to buy REC certificates abroad. For this reason, we built REC products domestically but still internationally recognized,” explained Darmawan.

The REC provided by PLN proves that the energy used by customers comes from an EBT-based power plant verified by the international tracking system, APX TIGRs located in California, USA. Thus, each REC is accountable, of high quality, and meets international standards.

*_PLN Hands Over Electric Vehicles For Palace Operations_*

On the same occasion, PLN also provided support for electric vehicles for the smooth operation of the Presidential Palace. There are 11 units of electric motors and 9 units of electric pickup motors.

Heru welcomed PLN’s steps in this regard. Heru said, by using electric vehicles, the State Palace is also able to set an example and participate in campaigning for the use of cleaner energy.

“This is a symbol, we are making changes and of course saving energy, environmentally friendly energy. I thank you. Hopefully others can follow suit, helping to accelerate the adaptation of support in climate change, which we must be aware of,” said Heru.

Darmawan explained that the handover of electric vehicles as operational vehicles at the Palace is also one of PLN’s steps in accelerating electric vehicles. With the use of electric vehicles, operations at the Palace are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

“On this occasion, we also want to invite the palace to also be able to use electric vehicles. By shifting transportation based on imported and dirty fuel, it is replaced with electricity-based transportation. This can save up to 50 percent,” concluded Darmawan.

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