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Sumpah Pemuda  
Sumpah Pemuda  
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Bengkulu The 8th Infantry Brigade/Garuda Cakti Kodam II/Sriwijaya held a Social Communication (Komsos) with the TNI’s extended family and community components in the Padang Ulak Tanding District, Rejang Lebong Regency, Bengkulu Province. Tuesday (13/09/2022).

This social communication activity carries the theme “Young Generation as Innovative Millennial Entrepreneurs with National Insight”.

The event began with remarks from Danbrigif 8/GC (PUT) Lt. Col. Inf. Tuwadi, S.E., M.I.Pol. which was the abiturant of the Military Academy in 2000, socialization on national insight, giving souvenirs, taking photos together and ending with a friendly reception by all Komsos participants who were present.

In his presentation, Danbrigif 8/GC said that Komsos was a forum to build friendship and synergy between the TNI AD extended family, especially Brigif and components of the surrounding community.

“This activity is an effort to maintain and improve the relationship between TNI AD Soldiers with the TNI’s extended family and community components so that they can establish harmonious relationships to provide understanding, invite the TNI AD extended family and community components to participate in national defense, overcome people’s difficulties and support their tasks. TNI AD principal” explained Lt. Col. Inf. Tuwadi, S.E., M.I.Pol.

The real manifestation of Danbrigif 8/Garuda Cakti’s concern for the younger generation, especially students of SMA N 11 Rejang Lebong, is by providing sports infrastructure, on this occasion handed over directly by Danbrigif 8 Garuda Cakti to the Principal of SMAN 11 Rejang Lebong. In addition, Danbrigif 8/GC opens opportunities for all students in the Padang Ulak Tanding area to achieve their dreams of becoming a member of the Indonesian Army through training training at Brigif 8/GC.

At the end of his speech, Danbrigif also said that it should not be easily divided and pitted against each other.
“TNI solidity is an absolute thing and the synergy between the TNI and various components of society must be maintained so that there are no parties who want to destroy the solidity of the TNI with the people.
The TNI together with the community must continue to maintain and maintain the unity and unity of the nation in the present era.”
TNI General Dudung Abdurachman (DAR).

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