Persatuan Farmasi  

PT Bukit Asam Distributes CSR Aid in Sumaja Makmur Village, Gunung Megang District

Persatuan Farmasi  

Tanjung Enim Intense Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT. Bukit Asam Tbk distributed aid The tornado that hit Sumaja Makmur Village, Gunung Megang District, Muara Enim Regency, became a concern for PT.Bukit Asam’s CSR. Thursday (15/9/2022)

PTBA management, represented by Erwandi, the SR community coach

The Sustainability Satker said that the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) assistance that we distribute can help ease the burden on the community, while the form of assistance we provide in the form of basic necessities is a form of the company’s concern for local residents, especially victims affected by the disaster.

We hope that the assistance we provide can be useful for the community, helping to ease the burden of the victims of the hurricane, even if the value is not much.

Company support in disaster situations is a corporate social responsibility. “This is part of an effort to maximize the positive impact of the company’s presence to help people who experience disasters and need immediate help,” he said.

Erwandi added, on behalf of PT Bukit Asam, he expressed his concern for the disaster that occurred, especially in Sumaja Makmur Village, Gunung Megang District, several areas affected by the tornado, for that we must be alert and alert to conditions that are quite extreme at this time for our safety and health. .


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