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Added Value, 11,668 Tons of FABA from PLTU Bukit Asam used by Parent Regiment of Military Region II/Sriwijaya

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Tanjung Enim + FABA PLN Again provides benefits and added value. This time the Bukit Asam PLTU collaborated on the use of FABA by involving the Regional Military Parent Regiment II/Sriwijaya.Friday (30/09)

The FABA produced by the Bukit Asam PLTU electricity is utilized by the Regional Military Parent Regiment II/Sriwijaya (RINDAM II/Sriwijaya for land or road stabilization and for the internal needs of Rindam II Sriwijaya. With this utilization, the potential utilization of FABA for the Bukit Asam PLTU can reach 25,000 tons.

The Manager of UPK Bukit Asam, Ince Anjas explained that PLN UPK Bukit Asam has collaborated with the Regional Military Parent Regiment II/Sriwijaya, where one of the follow-ups to the cooperation is the utilization of the Bukit Asam PLTU FABA.

“Currently, the utilization of the Bukit Asam PLTU FABA by the Regional Military II/Sriwijaya Parent Regiment has reached 11,668 tons which has been used, and until now it continues to be used to maximize every existing potential.

Rindam II Sriwijaya Commander Colonel Inf. Nugroho Imam Santoso, S.E., M.M welcomed the collaboration in the utilization of the Bukit Asam PLTU FABA. According to him, this utilization will help to fill uneven land so that the area can be used later as a jogging track and other uses.

“This is a good opportunity for cooperation between the TNI and PLN, hopefully we will always establish a good cooperation and also as a cord of friendship”

PLN continues to optimize utilization following the categorization of FABA into Non-Hazardous and Toxic Waste (B3) in accordance with Government Regulation (PP) 22 of 2021 concerning the Implementation of Environmental Protection and Management.

In addition to providing extraordinary benefits, this activity is a moment to introduce FABA to the TNI and the general public about the potential that can be utilized from the waste.

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