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Hatami asks your local police to follow up on the police report no LP/B/183/II/2022/SPKT/POLRES KALIANDA LAMPUNG SELATAN / LAMPUNG POLDA REPORTED I MADE JAYA

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Lampung, according to the president’s instructions to take firm action against the land mafia in the country which is really troubling, and according to the instructions of the National Police Chief Gen. Listiyo Sigit Prabowo, he instructed his staff not to hesitate to thoroughly investigate cases of land mafia crimes in Indonesia.

This happened to Mr. Hatami, a resident of the South Ketapang community, at the address rt 002 / 003, Ketapang Village, Ketapang District, South Lampung Regency, who had become a victim of the land mafia in Ketapang, South Lampung, in 1979, Hatami bought land by exchanging motorbikes with him. Basuni with the address Ketapang with a land area of ​​2942m2 in 2016 the land was suddenly recognized by Made Jaya as his property with a certificate of ownership no. 35

Because he felt that he had never sold and was not familiar with Made Jaya, Mr. Hatami continued to maintain his land and in 2017 Mr. Hatami made a certificate to the BNPB Kalianda Lampung Selatan because the correspondence was complete. 01210 With a land area of ​​2092M2, it is known that Hatami has a certificate, also Made Jaya, filed a lawsuit to the Kalianda District Court on December 31, 2021 and Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the District Court of Kalianda rejected the lawsuit made by Mr. Made Jaya. The District Court of Kalianda decided that Mr. Hatami’s land and certificate were valid. dissatisfied with the decision of the District Court, Kalianda Made Jaya, made an appeal to PT Tanjung Karang Bandar Lampung and returned to PT Tanjung Karang Bandar Lampung 8g on 22 June 2022

Strengthening the decision of the KALIANDA District Court, rejecting the appeal. Made Jaya is not satisfied with the decision. PT Made Jaya has made an appeal to the Supreme Court and until now there has been no decision because he feels he has been disadvantaged. 183/II/2022/SPKT/POLRES LAMPUNGSL SELATAN/POLDA LAMPUNG REPORTED I MADE JAYA regarding the crime of forging letters that occurred on Jl. Lintas Timur, Kec. Kalianda, Kab. South Lampung.

I hope that the police will call Made Jaya, so that this problem doesn’t drag on and can be opened up brightly and I ask that this land mafia problem must be prosecuted according to the rules that apply. Until now, I haven’t been called by the Kalianda South Lampung Police since my report was made on 9 February 2022, said Hatami

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